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Updated: Jul 17

Welcome, thanks for visiting. My name is April M-R. I know what your thinking, why the hyphen?, Is she married? Well no not officially. Actually my wonderful parents committed sin and had me before they were married, 😳 I know awful right? Lol. Anyway I'm 32 years young and have 4 beautiful children and a wonderful fiance. My oldest child (son) is 13 which made me 18 when I had him... Yup I guess I commited sin too. Ooops! Anyhow I also have a 10 year old daughter, and boy/girl twins whom are 6. Yes I am busy, but my heart and home is filled with love, and that makes it all worth it. Being a mother is a wonderful, time consuming, unselfish, lifestyle that I chose, and wouldn't have it any other way. The reason I started this blog mostly is because I want to share my life with others like me. My life is full of constant ups and downs, but I feel I am finally in a good place where I'm ready to share my experiences. I'm not your typical as seen on t.v mom or housewife. I suck at cooking, I suck at cleaning, and I hate the park, but I do it all to the best of my abilities, because I love my family and only want the best for them. That being said no one told me I couldn't make it comical. I love makeup, though Im still learning all the new ways to use it. Whatever happened to eyeliner, mascara, cover up and out the door? I also have a passion for hair and have been learning the hairstyling trade since 2012. I love to be artistic and show my personality through my work. I hope to incorporate all of these things on a regular into my blog. Open to suggestions from anyone regarding content ideas. I aspire to succeed in everything I set my mind to. For instance I worked my ass off at 30 to finally get my high-school diploma, and I'm proud to say I DID IT! Yes it was hard, yes I cried, and yes many times I wanted to quit but I kept going and gave it my everything and accomplished it. This blog is as important to me as getting my high school diploma was and I intend to give it my all. I WILL SUCCEED!!!!

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