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Updated: Jul 17

Chronic illnesses and chronic pain can cause a life of loneliness, depression, anxiety, and fear. With these come lack of motivation, isolation, and a careless mindset. It's not that I don't care what other people think, but also disregarding my own feelings. It can be aggravating. I have been judged by several people in my life for many things that were the result of my mental illnesses and chronic pain, for instance it's a struggle for me to keep my house as clean as I'd like it. A task that takes someone 20 minutes takes Me 3 hours with two breaks in between. Progressively over the years as the pain got worse, my activity level and mindset suffered too. Hairdressing is my passion and always has been. Anyone who knows me knows im all about the hair and makeup.... On my best days! I mean hell I went back to school to graduate so that I could go proceed with my career as a hair stylist. Shortly after I finished school I took a little bit of a break to spend with my kids before I would start school again. However not long after I was hit with an unexpected illness and had a pulmonary embolism, for anyone who might not know what that is, that is spontaneous clots within both my lungs, and it was unprovoked, so doctors say. As the long recovery and months went by my weight slowly creped up aswell. Hitting the highest weight Id ever been, that's including 3 pregnancies, last being twins.. I was (barely) walking around at 220lbs. Funny when every doctors first solution to every problem must be the excessive weight. 🙄 Truth be told I wasn't ready to start dieting, nor was I hopeful to ever be able to lose any weight since I could hardly move or breathe some days. So I started to accept that was who i was supposed to be and it was never going to change. Untill I decided to start working from home that is!!! I found my sponsor and angel/mentor on Tiktok.. having following her and still not know what she did. I wanted to be like her lmao.. didnt care what it was 🤣 I mean thank god not a hooker or something 🤣🤣😘. So I became a rep and joined before I even tried the products! But Im so glad I did, because I found more than just a way to make a few bucks from home, I also found myself!! Wait what?? I know!! Well one thing a lot of people don't know is it Works global is known as one of the best multi-level marketing companies for their personal development training. As I started to shift into a more positive mindset with more positive people like me who wanted a better life for themselves, I not only lost the weight I thought I never would, 65 lb in fact! 🙌 I gained a self-confidence level I don't think I even had pre-illness. The people I have met, the resources I have access to and this magnificent company that has changed my life in as little as 8 months...... That is priceless to me. I am so grateful to be where I am today 🥰 its an opportunity like no other!!! I cant wait to see what else this new life brings me!!

I will promise to keep you all updated more in the future. Thanks for having my back and sticking around! 🥰

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