My Incredible Method for Quick Cleaning

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Well I was sitting here thinking about all the chores I had to do today. I was envious of all of those moms who's home always looks like it's ready for tea with the Queen. How do you do it? Like seriously how do those of you with kids manage to keep your home looking immaculate all the time? I feel like in a normal day I have to sacrifice certain chores because there's no way in one day I'm going to get everything done. By the time I have managed to finish one or two or three rooms in my home, the very next day those same rooms need to be cleaned again just like every other day I have to choose which rooms are either the messiest or most important ie: kitchen, bathroom, etc. It really is a never-ending vicious cycle. I absolutely adore having company come over, "because duh woman with kids all day needs a little outside communication here and there." But seriously people you got to give me like two weeks notice . Occasionally you get those awesome friends who just happen to be in your neighborhood and will call you up 5 minutes away and say something along the lines of "hey I'm a couple minutes away, do you want a coffee?" Oh no she just said the magic word everyone knows coffee is like my crack so as I'm nervously looking around my house I'm like oh yeah sure of course. "what are you nuts? I ain't sayin no to coffee. So listen you can judge me all you want but that's quite all right with me but I'm going to tell you anyway so read on. So here's what I do when I get unexpected guests and I bet my last loonie a lot of you do this too, you're just not going to admit it and that's okay. I'll do it for you, that's what I'm here for. Ready?... The second I hang up my phone in a panic as if the zombies are coming and I need to.board up the house, I start yelling at the top of my top of my lungs to my kids "GUYS I NEED YOUR HELP!", I start shooting out orders like I've been in the Army for the past 10 years. "YOU MOVE THE LAUNDRY BASKET, YOU PICK UP THOSE CLOTHES, SOMEBODY SWEEP UP UNDER THE TABLE, GO CLOSE ALL THE DOORS, TURN OFF ALL THE LIGHTS!!" Maybe they won't notice the dirt on the floor because it's darker . I'm running into the kitchen face red, panting like I ran a 10 k (picture the dumb girl in horror movies that always runs into the killer) I cram the dirty pots and pans that didn't yet get washed from dinner last night into the oven as quick as possible, push the door closed with all my might. Dishes left on in the sink are quickly being loaded into the dishwasher (it's cool that I didn't rinse them first right? ) Next I head to the bathrooms to make sure the toilets are flushed and there's toilet paper and no globs of toothpaste in the sink. Ding dong as the doorbell rings, realizing My Time is now up. As I look around making sure I didn't miss anything last minute that might stand out, I answer the door all sweaty and out of breath, just hoping that person has no idea what I just did. "Yeah right who am I kidding, they know exactly what I just did". A job well done as I invite my coffee.... I mean my friend inside . But all in all was a win-win situation. I'll leave you with this remark. True friends won't judge you and most often often than not won't care what your home looks like. They are understanding and more than likely going through the exact same thing you are. There will always be something to clean, but you still need to remember to live your life first. It's not the end of the world if your house doesn't look like you're ready for tea with the queen, but if it does look that good. No but seriously good for you, give yourself a pat on the back and be proud of yourself. My only hope for you is that you still make time for yourself and your family on the side. I love it when my house is clean, it just feels so nice. Now don't get me wrong, I do my fair share of cleaning on a daily basis, I just wish I could get my kids to help me out more often. I want to know, how do YOU get your kids to do chores? I have tried the money thing, but every time they do a chore they expect me to reach into my purse and pull out a $5 bill at minimum, and pass it over for every small chore.Then they have no problem doing 20 chores that day, but that breaks mommy pretty fast. I need your help mamas, tell me what works for you? Thanks for reading everyone, can't wait to hear your feedback. Don't forget to like my page so you don't miss any of my future posts. love you all!

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